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from  A City Without Walls:  

The Boston Ethnic America Network Summit 

15-17 April 2010

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     Celestin, Carlot:  The Political Struggle for Survival and its Effect on the Haitian Family
     Cosby, John:  The Importance of Worldview in Ethnic Ministries
     Cosby, John; Chuang, T.K. & Wright, Don:  Discussion: How Cultures Vary in their Response to the Gospel
     Dean, Michael; Laver, Roberto & Miller, Beau:  (1) Epic Fail: Ignoring International Students
     Dean, Michael et al:  (2) Designing International Student Ministry Models for your Community
     Detwiler, Gregg:  Diaspora Missions from New England to the Ends of the Earth
     Durfey, Sarah:  Human Trafficking:  Modern Day Slavery and how we as the Church are Connected
     Espinosa, Leonardo:  Worship and the Arts in Multicultural Ministry
     Fantasia, Cynthia & White-Hammond, Gloria:  Developing a Ministry to Women that Crosses Cultures
     George, Sam:  Group Discussion: Second Generation Issues and Ministry
     Good, Sandy:  Ministry is Messy Business
     Hall, Doug:  Growing God's Kingdom in and from a Secular City
     Halpern, Felix:  Removing the Walls:  The Rise of the Rehoboth Church
     Leger, Tom:  Reaching Across Ethnic Worldviews with the Gospel
     Perez, Sergio:  A Church of Impact: Following Jesus' Example to do God's Work
     Sanders, Alvin:  Breaking Cultural Captivity
     Sieck, Ruth:   Trusting God even with Immigration Matters
     Smith, Glenn:  Key Indicators of a Transformed City
     Smith, Lisa & Zebley, Christian:  Reaching the World through Alpha for ESOL
     Sobalvarro, Patricia:  Social Ministry: Building Up and Expanding out of the Church Walls
     Soto, Omar:  The Dynamics of a Diverse Body: Reflections on 1 Corinthians 12
     Sparks, Terry:  Training Pastors and Leaders for North American Ethnic Congregations
     Tao, Danny:  Hidden Landmines in Multiethnic Churches 
     Tao, Danny:  The Journey of a Multicultural Church:  Lessons from the Boston Vineyard
     Thomas, T.V.:  The Isaac and Ishmael Connection
     Truell, Veronica Denyse:  Transforming your Youth Ministry
     Vedrine, Sol & Winkler, Drew:  Haitian Diaspora Ministry & A New Haiti
     Wang, John:  Mission by Immigrant Churches:  what are they doing?
     Ward, Virginia:  Building a Cross-cultural Youth Ministry
     Wells, Roland:  Law and Gospel:  Doing Justice without losing Gospel Proclamation
     Wright, David:  Leveraging Communities:  Building Collaboration to Transform Communities
     Wright, Don:  Barriers and Doorways to Sharing Jesus with the Japanese  

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